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Pembuatan Website Profile Perusahaan Trading

Jasa Pembuatan Website Perusahaan Trading
Jasa Pembuatan Website Perusahaan Trading
Jasa Pembuatan Website Perusahaan Trading

Medium Enterprise Trading House, under the auspices of PT Arfaidhams Secret, is a company that engaged in the field of consultation services, training & trading house with national & international experiences as a practitioner in the field. Our clients are banking companies (national/foreign), BUMD (Regional-Owned Enterprises), BUMN (State-owned Enterprises), and other public companies.
We become a partner of small and medium enterprises (UKM) to develop the UKM, our business partner by providing managerial assistance, consultation of business funding, local & global trading. Besides bridging the medium-scale enterprises, we can also become a business partner of upper medium-scale companies.

Trading house becomes the medium of UKM to develop their businesses, especially to attract local and international market. The Trading House can provide the UKM entrepreneurs considerable opportunities upon market information specifically about foreign

market (exporting) in which we will become the bridge of information to gain the international market through all channels at related Ministries.

Aside from being the bridge of international market, we will also provide trainings needed by UKM entrepreneurs to improve their managerial knowledge, export-import knowledge, International standardized certification of products marketed.

By joining Trading House, all company partners become working partnership in integrating existing challenges in order to compete globally. Cooperation with certification agencies will also furnish us to provide the employees and entrepreneurs with knowledge in order to be ready for the open competition in the future.

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